CHRONOS: Talents & Traits Support Deck


The system that every theater LARPer has been waiting for.

The CHRONOS Talents & Traits Deck is a useful addition to the Core cards for CHRONOS Universal LARP System. Allowing a single deck to provide additional unique skills (our talents and traits) for supporting a number of characters at the same time, this deck provide duplicates of talents & traits found in the Chronos Core Deck as well as additional new tricks for your use.

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With more talents & traits to distribute to characters, the Talents & Traits Deck is ideal for the Game Organizer running at conventions or large LARPs, or even the player who wants a little more oomph for their character. The power can be yours.

Deck Contains The Following Cards:

Alert, Precise, Holistic, Sharp, Dapper, Deft, Sleuth, Savant, Handy, Geek, Grifter, Valet, Devout, Hardheaded, Marksman, Duelist, Escape Artist, Steadfast, Street Fighter, Bruiser, Free Runner, Scrapper, Eureka, Stratagem, Hard Sell, Evangelist, Fixed Point, Synchronicity, Fixer, Quick Study, Power Through, Mooch, Rake, Stare Down, Play Possum, Feint, Taunt, Sabotage, Patch Job, Iron Stomach, Hard Target, Ambidextrous.


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