CHRONOS: ExArcana Skein Book

Magic has always been real, you just had to know where to find it.

Those proficient in these elusive arts soon became feared and revered by “the Silent,” those who could not wield Ætheric Power. To save themselves from the Silent and each other, the Arcanum was founded; Four Leagues who each protect and harness one of the four elemental Æthers of magical power. They entered into a covenant called the Sub Rosa: Four Oaths to protect the Silent, the Eldritch, and even the very Æthers they wield. It was a time of peace.

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But then, just over a hundred years ago, the light of magic sputtered and died. The noble forces of the Arcanum were beset on all sides by the renegade forces of the Oathbreakers and an unholy alliance of monsters, the undead, and Those Beyond. In an all or nothing bid to save the world from a cataclysmic fate, the Arcanum’s most respected Magisters managed to temporarily shut the Thresholds from which the magical Æthers came, and went into hibernation, vowing to return and bring the light of magic back to the Earth when the threat was abated.

Now the Thresholds are re-opening; and spilling magic, monsters, and mayhem back into a world full of young, brash Guttersnipes with no understanding of how to wield the mystical forces from beyond. The Century of Silence has passed, and magic is surging back through the Thresholds. The Magisters of the Arcanum are awakening from their protective Soulvault only to find a world foreign to them. They are joined by the Guttersnipes, powerful amateurs only recently empowered by the return of magic.

These are the new soldiers in the final battle against the ancient threats from the Outer Spheres. As a stalwart member of the Arcanum, you have a duty to uphold the four Oaths, and to defend the Silent against all of the evils from here to beyond the Thresholds!

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