The Grand Bizarre

November 22, 2014

The Lovecraft Bar NYC

50 Avenue B at the corner of 4th St, New York City 10009

$25 Cover


You’re invited to join us in that opening of a new venue downtown. The Portal Room, recently unearthed after nearly a century locked away behind an innocuous East Village location, appears to be a Victorian-era speakeasy complete with some very strange accoutrements! Apparently it was some sort of haunted Magician’s retreat called “The House of the Outer Spheres” and it is incredible. We will be celebrating with live music, tantalizing burlesque dancers, vendors of marvelous wares, a raffle with exotic prizes, and exotic drinks.

We hope to see you there.

Welcome to the Grand Bizarre! This is the inaugural event for Nerdy City’s run of ExArcana. ExArcana will be the first Skein (story world) of the Chronos: Universal LARP System, produced by Eschaton Media Productions. ExArcana is a fantastic LARP of Victorian steampunk magic and intrigue set in the current modern day.

At this event, there will be no combat and you are not obligated to play the game in order to attend. However, there will be plot for those that wish to pursue it, and clues that will lead into further events. Should you wish to play, please join us on Facebook at ExArcana LARP.

You must be 21, and have ID in order to enter the event space. The event will include musical performances, wonderful vendorsburlesque acts, and aims to introduce the attendees to the feel and the world of ExArcana.

Any questions about the Grand Bizarre event may be addressed to

For vendor inquires, please contact

Cross the Threshold and enjoy.

(The Chronos Core Deck and Book will be available for sale at this event)

This is a pre-release event using the Chronos Core; the official ExArcana Deck and Skein Book will be available for sale in January.