April 18, 2015


Join us for the first Imagine Nation festival, hosted by the Imagine Nation Collective (http://www.imaginenationcollective.com/ ), a group of creators and contributors of LARP games that have compiled an escape into the woods to run a few special games!

Here Nerdy City will have the pleasure of running a special event for ExArcana where we step foot into the Undine Outer Sphere and explore the realm of the Goblynkin and Elvenkin!


The Imagine Nation Festival of 2015 was the first gathering of a group of game designers and storytellers at a camp site where LARP games were run in a carefree and relaxing environment, as a sign of solidarity and cohesion to increase the standards of LARP as a storytelling and immersive medium. Please feel free to join all of us at the next Festival in 2016!